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LAUNCH WEEK DAY 1 – My First Post:

I feel as though these days that I am currently experiencing are the end of a very formative chapter in my life and the beginning of the boldly beautiful unknown that is the rest of my life. Last month, I graduated from medical school and accomplished my lifelong dream of

LAUNCH WEEK DAY 2 – Self-Care is the

“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?” I remember listening to one of my classmates rap Eminem’s Lose Yourself at a talent show for our business school’s retreat near the beginning

LAUNCH WEEK DAY 3 – Self-Care is the

In yesterday’s post, “Launch Week Day 2 – Self-Care is the Best Care Part 1: The Best Lesson of the Worst Year of my Life”, I wrote about how I lost myself. I was increasingly placing the tasks of being an MD/MBA student and the obligations I felt to everyone

LAUNCH WEEK DAY 4 – From the Projects

In my Launch Week Day 2 post, “Self-Care is the Best Care Part 2: The Best Lesson of the Worst Year of my Life”, I briefly touched on how conflicted I felt while trying to succeed in the Ivy League bubble while maintaining connections to the world in which I


From my earlier post today, “From the Projects to the Ivy League Part 1: How I Grew Up”, the story continues… Leveling Up I cannot say exactly what happened to make me this way, but for as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed incredibly BIG. I credit

LAUNCH WEEK DAY 5 – Why Medicine, Or

“Use the space provided to explain why you want to go to medical school.” This was the most recent personal statement prompt from the American Medical College Application Service, or AMCAS. Years ago, when I applied to medical school, it was a similar prompt that, in my mind, essentially boiled

LAUNCH WEEK DAY 6 – Not Today, Satan!:

I really used to think I was winning when I would procrastinate. #Winning… because I crammed a whole semester of learning into a few days and managed to pass the test? No, no, no, my friend! #NOTWinning #SleepDeprivation #StressedToTheMax #ProcrastinationIsTheDevilsWork #NotTodaySatan #IRebukeThee #CouldHaveFollowedAStudySchedule #CouldHaveGottenAnA #CouldHaveTrulyLearnedSomething #GirlYouLiedToYourself. Seriously, when we allow

LAUNCH WEEK DAY 7 – Change the Game:

One of the most memorable lessons I took away from my time at Harvard Business School (HBS) can be summarized in a simple statement: change without value is not truly innovation. At HBS, we discussed case studies on marketing plans, business strategy, operations management, international government, and even individual leadership

Launch Week

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