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Define, Build, and Live
your HAPPIest Life

You are THAT woman, and you deserve to live THAT life

You are THAT woman (or becoming her), and you deserve to live THAT life (and enjoy the journey there). 

You know the one…THAT woman…THAT life…they’ve been in your best dreams and part of your deepest desires.

You deserve to live a life full of Health, Authenticity, Passion, Purpose, and Innovation - your uniquely designed version of your HAPPIest Life. The HAPPIest Life Coaching was built with you and your HAPPIest life goal in mind.

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Meet Dr. Kilgore-Nolan, Founding Coach for The HAPPIest Life Coaching

As a physician entrepreneur, and high-achieving human, Dr. Kilgore-Nolan began studying and applying life strategy as a means of finding balance and creating her own ideal life. Along the way, she founded The HAPPIest MD to not only share her journey and its lessons, but also to empower other women in pursuit of their HAPPIest life. Over the years, Dr. Kilgore-Nolan has become a first-generation college graduate, Yale-trained physician, Harvard MBA student, wife, serial entrepreneur, cancer survivor, first-time mother, and more. More importantly, she has applied the principles and strategies of The HAPPIest Life Coaching that empower her to thrive despite adversity and now live her HAPPIest life. Dr. Kilgore-Nolan is passionate about helping the everyday woman become THAT woman and live THAT life of their dreams - their own unique version of The HAPPIest Life.

In my OBGYN training, I would have 15 to 45-minutes during each of my patient visits to address their health needs, but I consistently found that their lives were riddled with challenges that extended well beyond the exam room and undoubtedly impacted their immediate and long-term health. To acknowledge this fact of many women’s lives and share the strategies that have worked for finding balance and HAPPIness in my own life, I designed The HAPPIest Life Coaching program.

- Dr. Kilgore-Nolan

The HAPPIest Life Coaching is individualized to help you meet your needs and achieve your desires

The HAPPIest Life Coaching is for you if you (one or more of the following): 

  • Don’t know where or how to start when it comes to building and living your HAPPIest life
  • Desire to gain clarity on your “why” and connect your goals to a unifying mission. 
  • Tried but can’t seem to find a balance in life that works for you
  • Need a framework and systems to manage your many roles and tasks in life 
  • Feel like you need to make a change or anticipate a new transition in your life
  • Want to apply a proven strategy to help you live your HAPPIest life

The HAPPIest Life Coaching (THLC) program offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity with:

  • Individualized Strategic Action Plan (YOUR unique HAPPIest Life Plan)
  • Experienced Accountability Partner (The HAPPIest Life Coach)
  • Built-in Community for Support and Inspiration (The HAPPIest MD community)
  • Virtual One-on-One or Group Coaching Sessions
  • Step-By-Step My HAPPIest Life Guidebook (Your HAPPIest Life Notes & Homework)
  • Flexible Payment Plan or Discount for Advanced Payment in Full
  • Discounts for Groups of 4-10 Women
  • Potential Opportunity to Serve as a THLC Ambassador (and earn a commission!)


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