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The Power Hour: How An Hour A Day Can Keep Insanity At Bay


5 min of gratitude + 25 min of life management + 30 min of self-care = The Power Hour


Because given 24 hours in a day, we all deserve to invest at least one hour in gratitude, life management, and self-care to better support all of the power moves that we make throughout the rest of the day.


Whatever hour of the day works best for you

  • The HAPPIest MD’s way: On work days, I try to make my power hour the first thing I do when I get home from work. In a way, it’s the perfect transition from my work life to my home life. 


  • To enrich your life and remind yourself of your blessings regardless of the obstacles or celebrations that lie ahead, prioritize the practice of daily gratitude.
    • The HAPPIest MD’s way: Make a gratitude journal or incorporate a brief daily gratitude log into an existing journal. I typically log a quick phrase, like “learning self-compassion” or “Gosh! I love my husband!”, in my bullet journal and take a few minutes to reflect. 
Life Management
  • To prevent procrastination and the stress it inevitably causes, take this time as an opportunity to act as your very own administrative assistant.
    • The HAPPIest MD’s way: Take a walk on a treadmill while listening to music, managing e-mail/calendar, and making appointments online.
  • To make sure you love on and indulge  yourself at least a little bit each day, just dedicate this time to doing something you enjoy!
    • The HAPPIest MD’s way: Keep it simple and flexible. Depending on the day, for me, this may mean working out, trying a facial mask, cuddling with my husband, kicking back with a book, watching some TV, or just knocking out a few urgent things so that I can later get to bed early for some extra sleep.


  • Whatever setting(s) works best for you
    • The HAPPIest MD’s way: Change it up! While some parts of my Power Hour necessitate being home, I like to change it up by using different spaces or trying new things. Typically, on my way home from work, I stop in at my neighborhood gym, do my gratitude while parked, walk in to the gym to do my life management on the treadmill, and then finish off with my self-care somewhere comfortable at home. 

I’d love to hear what your Power Hour ultimately looks like! More Power to you!

With Love and HAPPIness,

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